Seafood HACCP Online Training Course

Course Description

The seafood industry is constantly evolving so it is critical for clients to stay up to date on practices, trends, product knowledge and regulatory requirements.

Why is Seafood HACCP Safety Training necessary?

A major selling point of seafood is its quality - and seafood safety training is key to that quality. Likewise, the seafood industry is constantly evolving - so it is critical for owners and employees to stay up-to-date on seafood practices, trends, product knowledge, and regulatory requirements through safety training.

To ensure seafood safety, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established strict regulations for handling seafood in 1997. These federal regulations require that all seafood processors undergo training outlined in the principles located in the FDA's Seafood HACPP webpage.

Maintaining safe seafood requires caring for the product from the time it is caught until it is consumed and that responsibility doesn’t end at the point of sale. Local, state and federal food safety regulations require that fishermen – just like others in the seafood supply chain – be aware of and use proper handling and storage practices to ensure a safe product.

The Seafood HACCP Training Course was designed to meet the training requirements established under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandatory Seafood HACCP Regulation (21 CFR Part 123).

Course Audience

Training Audience: Seafood retailers, seafood safety inspectors, fishermen, health professionals, and students interested in seafood careers - can all benefit from seafood safety training - which in turn, will lead to a higher quality seafood product for the consumer.

This online training course was developed to provide an easy method for individuals from the seafood industry and regulatory community to get training on the application of HACCP principles to seafood products on their schedule. More Info/Choose Your State.

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Seafood Safety Risks

Keeping seafood safe is critical to the long-term success of seafood markets.

The primary food safety risk associated with seafood is food-borne illness caused by microorganisms or naturally occurring toxins. Illness is usually associated with improper harvesting, handling, storage, or preparation.

Those seafood products that are consumed raw or partially cooked represent the highest risk. Other risks are for individuals who catch and eat their own fish or shellfish from lakes, rivers, streams, bays or harbors that are contaminated with industrial pollutants.

Why Work with ITA GROUP?

ITA GROUP provides high quality training and education to support business and public health professionals, industry and associations. We offer training through hands-on workshops or classroom settings, and many of our courses can be customized to your organization's needs.

Our programs provide busy seafood professionals with need-to-know information on a wide range of issues. Our instructors have at least ten years of seafood industry experience and can adapt our training to fit your specific needs.

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