ITA Corporation is the world’s leading inspection. We are recognized as the global benchmark for consultancy and integrity, we serve the industries of Food, Pharmaceutical, Dietary Supplements, Medical Device, Biologics and Cosmetics.

Inspection and monitoring programs are at the heart of the enforcement system ITA Corp’s team.

Our comprehensive range of world-leading inspection and verification services, help you to control quantity and quality, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets.

Our experienced global Auditor team works with food processors, growers, importers and distributors, to provide the most up to date and relevant guidance navigating through FSMA, our inspection activities provide with an accurate picture of your working status. Our reports will allow your company to understand any incorrect practice, proposing in the meantime the best solutions to improve its performance.

Our inspection activities are focused on supporting food industries and also the FSVP Importers both in the US and abroad in compliance with the “NEHA Qualified Auditor” requirements.

Moreover, in the case, an SAHCODHA hazard is detected and identified in a food product headed abroad ITA Corporation extends its support by scheduling an inspection within the production plant itself in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

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