Importers in the U.S. are responsible for developing FSVPs to verify the food they import is manufactured using methods compliant with US food safety standards. Ita’s QI team can develop, review, or implement FSVPs for FDA compliance.

The FSVP Importer by law, must be supported by an internal or external team of Qualified Individual, able to conduct for him the mandatory verification activities: Audit, Sampling and testing, Labeling review or documental review.

ITA Corporation is leader in FSVP Qualified Individual services, it is specialize in the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) subpart of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). ITA Corp represents FSVP Importers of Record as their ‘Qualified Individual’ developing and performing FSVP activities as mandated by law.

With over 20 years of combined food safety and FDA-regulatory experience, ITA Corp team of FSVP Qualified Individuals & experts will act as your company’s properly designated FSVP representatives, verify your foreign suppliers, and create/maintain complete FSVP plans for each product that your company imports.

As your company’s Qualified Individual, ITA goals will be to verify that an imported product’s inherent physical, chemical and biological hazards are being controlled in a manner at least equivalent to the FDA's domestic standards (Preventive Controls Rule or Produce Safety Rule). For that reason ITA Corporation supports you as Qualified Individual with our network of Food Safety Expert, Legal specialized in food labeling requirements, Labs for testing and Regulatory Auditors to conduct specific Audits related to the applicable CFRs (FDA food requirements are inside n.62 different CFRs scope).


FSVP Importers:
  • Developing and support FSVP Importer with Qualified Individual team for FDA Regulation

  • Hazard Analysis

  • Evaluation of risk posed by the food and performance of the foreign supplier

  • Approval of Foreign Supplier

  • Documentation review and assessment of FSVP activities (Developing FSVP Plan and Verification activities)

  • Corrective Actions

  • Developing, or re-aligning, HACCP Plan in compliance with I.H.A. and S.H.A. HACCP requirements

Foreign Importers:
  • FSMA compliance Assessment

  • Developing, or re-aligning, HACCP Plan in compliance with US requirements

  • Developing and validating product labels (with our Legal staff) in line with US FDA requirements

  • Training managers or employees about FDA FSMA Rules (PCQI HF/AF, FSVP, Produce, etc.) as well as Canned Regulations like Process Supervisor (compliments of our BPCS Class)

  • Re-aligning Food Safety Plan and Food Defense Plan in compliance with FSMA requirements

  • On site FSMA Preventive Controls and FSMA Training

  • Assisting to clean respective FDA Status (i.e. removing company from the Import Alert list)

  • US FDA registration and US Agent

  • Consulting on updates to the Hygienic Design lay-out of respective food plant

  • Applying for and Receiving DUNS Number

  • Traceability and Recall Assessment

  • Consultative Audit and remote inspection Audit

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